Artiva V2

The Basics

Funding for development comes from Artiva DAO, a nouns style mechanism with the goal to propagate the Artiva protocol and brand.
The Artvia protocol is made up of two core smart contracts. The Factory contract allows for deployment of new platforms and the Platform contract holds platform content, metadata and roles. Outside of the core contracts Artiva platforms can compose with Publishing Modules that restrict publishing access in unique ways.
On the frontend our initial platform client is an open sourced, modular, and visually customizable interface to the procotol that allows users to manage and display content.


The Artiva DAO runs on a continuous auction mechanism similar to Nouns DAO. It's deployed via Nouns Builder with a 24 hour configuration, no reserve price. Same voting rules from Nouns DAO apply as well.
We've also included founders rewards similar to Nouns DAO Nounders. These rewards include a 4% allocation to the original Artiva team, 4% allocation to a community fund that will be distributed via prop house and other mechanisms, 1% to Zora DAO and 1% to Builder DAO.

Protocol Core Contracts

The Platform contract holds all data related to the platform including the content, metadata and roles. Platforms utilize the offchain storage pattern to allow for flexible data schemas and lower gas fees. Onchain content includes an owner and contentHash where the owner can update the contentHash after the initial post.
Platforms consist of three roles Publishers, Managers and Admins. Publishers can add content to a platform. Managers can update the platform metadata and add content. Admins update metadata, add content and manage roles.

Publishing Modules

Publishing modules allow platforms to programmatically limit who can publish content. To install a publishing module on a platform simply add the module address as a Publisher. Publishing modules should contain a curate function that executes the necessary logic and passes on the curation to the platform contract.
Any user can create a custom Publishing Module for their platform. Some use cases include limiting publishing to certain token holders, requiring users to be included in a snapshot, requiring users to burn a specific token or more advanced mechanisms.

Platform Client

The platform client is the initial implementation of an interface for the Artiva protocol. The client includes a themeable frontend to view and interact with platform posts. Modular adapters bring flexibility in how the client pulls data and execute transactions. The admin panel of the client allows users to publish posts and manage platform metadata / roles.
Since the platform client and themes are open source anyone can modify the client and themes to fit their needs. To install a new theme simply build and upload your theme files to a static file host such as Arweave and include the link in the platform metadata via the admin panel.