Artiva V2


First create your platform via etherscan and copy the contract address once your platform has been deployed.
Since the platform client is essentially a nextjs application you can use hosted services like Vercel or Netlify to deploy. We've set up this example to be deployed with Vercel.
Click the '▲ Deploy' button below to clone your own version of the platform client. You will be prompted to fill a few variables as part of the deployment process.

Required Variables

NEXT_PUBLIC_ALCHEMY_KEY can be found by creating a new project in Alchemy and then grabbing the API KEY from the project dashboard page and clicking the 'Get Key' button.
NEXT_PUBLIC_PLATFORM_NETWORK will be the chain your platform exists on.
1 = Ethereum mainnet
5 = Goerli
NEXT_PUBLIC_PLATFORM_ADDRESS will be your contract address
ARTIVA_COOKIE_PASSWORD will be a password to keep login cookies secure for your users. Should be at least 32 characters long.

Optional Variables

PINATA_API_JWT required if pinata is being used as the IPFS adapter in artiva-client-config.ts. This is the JWT value for a Pinata admin key.
NEXT_PUBLIC_ZORA_API_KEY Zora API key used to increase rate limits for any Zora API calls.


Deploy your platform client using the deploy link below